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Across the Boulevard:
Willow Ridge-Parkview



The Towns of Amherst and Tonawanda are excited to announce an important opportunity for you to help plan for future improvements in your neighborhood! The Action Plan for the Willow Ridge and Parkview neighborhoods will address opportunities and challenges, and aim to improve connectivity, pedestrian safety, recreation, building form and appearance, and more. The Plan will serve as a guiding document to define residents’ future vision of the area, shape Town policy, and guide implementation actions.  


FINAL Action Plan (5.18.23)

Tour the study area

Review What we Heard from you...


This planning process relies on feedback and participation from a wide range of community members. Your ideas matter! Please continue to monitor this page to learn more about how you can stay involved in the planning process and share your ideas. Check out the events below for upcoming meetings and other engagement opportunities!

"This Plan will serve as a guiding document to portray residents’ future vision of the area."

Excerpt from Project Charter Mission Statement

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