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Map of the project study area showing neighborhoods, parks, streets, and schools

Project Overview

In 2021 the Towns of Tonawanda and Amherst came together to draft a Project Charter for the Willow Ridge and Parkview neighborhoods.  With the shared goal of wanting to better serve the neighborhoods and the immediate need to improve safety along Niagara Falls Boulevard, the Willow Ridge – Parkview Action Plan is an opportunity to further connect the area and provide a framework for both near and long-term improvements. Read more about the Project Charter HERE. 

Project Goals

Land Use
and Zoning

Create a joint land use vision and complementary zoning and design provisions for future land use and development.

Economic Revitalization and Redevelopment

Identify key sites to be upgraded or redeveloped. Explore different potential forms of redevelopment for vacant buildings.

Traffic and

Create a unified street identity with an enhanced streetscape and improved pedestrian safety.

Community Amenities
and Services

Expand and enhance safe and convenient connections to nearby destinations and amenities. Improve existing park and recreational facilities.


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