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April 2-7 Event summaries

APRIL 7 | Work-in-Progress Presentation

On Thursday (4/7) a “Work-in-Progress” presentation was held via zoom. The planning team presented the draft ideas and asked for feedback. When asked if the Action Plan was on the right track, 94% of participants responded yes or probably yes. Did you miss the events of the charrette week? It is not too late to review the draft ideas and give your feedback! Watch the presentation and tell us your thoughts! 

APRIL 5-7 | Design Studio Updates

Stakeholder Meeting

Stakeholder Meeting

Local stakeholders visited the design studio and sat around the table with the project team and provide feedback on preliminary concepts for the study area.

Ellicott Creek Work-in-Progress

Ellicott Creek Work-in-Progress

Pictured is a team member presenting a preliminary design concept for the Ellicott Creek Bridge, showing potential on-street improvements, increased landscaping, and infill development.

Tuesday through Thursday, the planning team continued working at the temporary studio at Dexter Terrace Elementary School. Interested members of the community continued to stop in and contribute to the conversation. A number of small group meetings were also held to review ideas underway, including with representatives from: University at Buffalo, Chamber of Commerce / AIDA, Parks & Trails stakeholders (towns, county, GBNRTC), Transportation agencies (towns, county ,NYSDOT, NFTA and GBNRTC), Corridor business owners, and Community groups.

APRIL 4-6 | Design Studio

APRIL 4 | Virtual Hands-On Design Session

Sharing Big Ideas

Sharing Big Ideas

Screenshot of Zoom window showing Breakout Group #1's top ideas, presented by resident Christie Shapero.

On Monday night during a Virtual Hands-On Design Session via Zoom, meeting participants joined members of the planning team and spoke about their vision for the area, asked questions, and marked ideas in google maps. It was interesting to hear common themes that were also heard in earlier charrette meetings, as well as to learn new details and perspectives. To view the presentation and hear the ideas shared first hand, check out the meeting recording below!

APRIL 3 | Community Bus Tour

On Sunday afternoon, the planning team went on a bus tour of the study area with interested community participants. The group observed the existing conditions of the built environment together and discussed potential future conditions -- how pedestrian and bike connections and safety could be improved, what future development could look like, and how the area could become more complete. The discussion and feedback added to the input from the Saturday in-person hands-on session and is increasing the team’s understanding of the community vision for the area.

APRIL 2 | Hands-On Design Session

On Saturday morning the planning team kicked off Charrette Week by holding a hands-on design session at Sweet Home High School. Following a brief introductory presentation, participants gathered around base maps to discuss their ideas for the future of the study area. At the end of the session, one person from each table gave a short presentation of their “big ideas” which included:

  • Bike Paths: consistent bike paths, create loops, improve safety, include bike crossings  

  • Niagara Falls Boulevard: pedestrian amenities, redesign the boulevard, update vacant and outdated parcels

  • Connectivity: better network of sidewalks, pathways, bike paths and waterways

  • Village Nodes: create gateways, beautification, small shops & restaurants; in short-term focus areas can lead long-term to walkable village areas

  • Access to Parks: improve crossings into parks, trail connections

  • Amenities: events, programs, food trucks

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